Although it can be uncomfortable, the good news is that mild and moderate thrush can be quickly and easily treated with our range of products. Don’t forget, the most effective way for you to treat thrush is to treat the infection as well as the external symptoms, like itching. Below we have a range of products that will help you to achieve both.

Vaginal Tablets containing Clotrimazole

are inserted into the vagina to attack and kill yeast cells at the source of infection. For external use only, not for consumption. Always read the label.

*Consult a pharmacist/doctor when necessary.

Canesten<sup>®</sup> V Cream soothes external itching and treats thrush.

Canesten® V Cream soothes external itching and treats thrush.

Canesten V Cream is indicated for thrush at your intimate area. It is thinly applied 2-3 times daily. Depending on the location of the symptoms, a small amount of cream is usually sufficient for an area the size of the palm.

Consult the doctor/pharmacist when necessary.

Always read the label.

Canesten® SensicareTM Calm Intimate Soothing Wash

Keep your intimate fresh and healthy with Canesten feminine wash.

Canesten® SensicareTM Calm Intimate Soothing Wash

helps to cleanse and soothe irritation, and is shown to provide relief of up to 12 hours (contains glycine), with pH 8.5 to maintain natural floral balance.

Always read the label.


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Please read product information prior to administration. For further information on the use of product or if symptoms persist, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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