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White Spots

You've probably seen fungus in some shape or form. Most people see it in their homes in the form of mildew and mold. In fact, if you've ever seen a group of mushrooms growing in your yard, then you've seen fungus. There are thousands of species of fungi, and although most of them are harmless, many of them can be very harmful.

What Are The Causes of White Spots?

Tinea versicolor is actually a body fungal infection that's caused by fungus. Let's take a look at these infections, what exactly causes them, and how it can be treated.

It's practically impossible to get away from fungus because it lives all around you. In fact, fungi can travel through the air by way of tiny spores. These spores infect people by landing on their skin, or going into their lungs when a person inhales them. Tinea versicolor is an infection that occurs when fungus lands and grows on the skin.

What Are The Symptoms?

Those who are more susceptible are the ones with weak immune systems. This particular body fungus causes tiny colored spots to appear on the skin over time, and can be very unsightly.

Although tinea versicolor can appear anywhere on the skin, it usually appears on areas of the skin that stay much more moist and oily (i.e. back, armpits, feet, neck, etc.). Tinea versicolor symptoms are pretty obvious once they begin to occur. The spots that usually appear are flat, tiny, and round. When the infection is given enough time to spread, it will form patches of these spots. Although the spots tend to form different colors, the white spots might be more noticeable.

How Can White Spots Be Treated?

Since the infection can begin spreading rather quickly, it's important that you seek body fungus treatment right away. There are a number of available topical creams that can be used to fight and kill the fungi. For instance, there are shampoos and foams, specifically made to kill different types of fungus. These products need to be massaged onto the white spots you see on your skin everyday for several weeks. If you don't see a difference, you might need to use an antifungal medication, which is used for severe cases. This medication will need to be prescribed by a doctor.

How Can White Spots Be Prevented?

While staying clean is one factor to preventing white spots, you also have to maintain your health by eating right and exercising. This is one of the only ways to build your immune system and prevent white spots from even occuring.