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Where Did Athlete's Foot Come From?

Tinea (dermatophytes) Candida (yeasts) and moulds are the main groups of fungi which may be living on your foot. So now you can put a name to your unwelcome visitors.

The fact is everyone has bacteria (Corynebacterium minutissimum) and fungus on their skin, which is harmless most of the time. However, in some conditions, fungus and bacteria can cause your skin to become infected.

Athlete's foot is an example of such an infection. While fungi cause the main infection, bacteria cause the smell. Athlete's food is contagious and can be spread through direct and indirect contact.

Direct contact involved skin-to-skin contact. For example someone could develop foot problems if they touch your infected skin and do not wash their hands afterwards.

Indirect contact can mean picking up the infection from contaminated towels, bed sheets and clothing.

Showers, swimming pools and changing rooms are common places where athlete's foot can be picked up. This is because, like your feet, these places are warm and humid — perfect conditions for bacteria and fungus to survive.

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