Canesten Malaysia

What’s Athlete’s Foot Treatment?

Simply put, an anti-fungal treatment is the best way to combat athlete's foot. And that's where Canesten® step in and offer complete foot care.

Canesten®'s clinically proven athlete's foot products attack the main types of fungi. Not only are they all easy to apply they are powerful enough to penetrate into the skin to relieve the symptoms without being unnecessarily harsh.

In up to one third of athlete's foot causes, a secondary bacterial infection can develop on top of the fungal infection; Canesten®'s athlete's foot products have been shown to deal with both the fungal and bacterial infection.

Canesten® Cream is a soothing, treatment for athlete’s foot and its annoying symptoms. It contains Clotrimazole, which was developed by Bayer and is available in multiple sizes.

Remember: like any medication, always complete the full course of treatment.

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